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Bidding Projects

T&G Constructors is accepting bids on the following projects. To see which projects were recently awarded, please visit our Awarded page.

Visit our Online Plan Room and enter the Workorder # for plans and specifications.

Workorder # Project Name Location Bid
1430010 Cedar Creek, TX 06/13/17 2:00pm EST
2GC0003 Clearwater, FL 06/14/17 2:00pm EST
2HH0001 Dallas, TX 05/10/17 2:00pm EST
2HJ0001 Houston, TX 06/16/17 2:00pm EST
2FP0002 Miami Gardens, Florida 11/18/16 2:00 PM EST
1430011 Miami, FL 06/16/17 2:00pm EST
2GK0002 Miami, FL 08/26/16 2:00 PM
2GK0003 Miami, FL 08/26/16 2:00 PM
1430009 Orlando, FL 05/16/17 2:00pm EST
2EN0009 Pompano Beach, FL 06/12/17 2:00pm EST
2EN0014 Pompano Beach, FL 06/30/17 2:00pm EST