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Awarded Projects

T&G Constructors was recently awarded the following projects. To see which projects we are currently accepting bids for, please visit our Bidding page.

Visit our Online Plan Room and enter the Workorder # for plans and specifications.

Workorder # Project Name Location
2AL0004 Boston, MA
12J0002 Charlotte, NC
2DU0002 Dallas, TX
2FE0001 Dallas, TX
2GW0001 Dallas, TX
9040037 Dallas, TX
9340023 Davenport, FL
2BK0001 Fort Lauderdale, FL
2D20003 Fort Lauderdale, FL
2D20004 Fort Lauderdale, FL
9340019 Galveston, TX
9340030 Galveston, TX
15T0036 Lake Buena Vista, FL
15T0044 Lake Buena Vista, FL
1MW0001 Lake Nona, FL
2AL0010 Louisville, KY
2AL0002 Manhattan, NY
2AL0008 Memphis, TN
2G50001 Miami, FL
2GC0001 Miami, FL
15T0032 Orlando, FL
2DV0001 Orlando, FL
7760018 Orlando, FL
7760018 Orlando, FL
2EN0004 Pompano Beach, Florida
2FK0002 San Antonio, TX
2AL0003 Tampa, FL
2DZ0001 The Woodlands, TX
2DZ0002 The Woodlands, TX
2AL0009 Tyson's Corner, VA