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Busch Gardens: Pantopia Grill Renovations

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SITUATION > Busch Gardens sought construction services for the renovation of an existing food service area and dinner theater building located in their Tampa theme park.

ACTION > The scope of work included an 8,401 square foot renovation of food service area and 10,000 square feet of new Epoxy flooring and bar renovation in an adjacent theater. Work performed also included new food service equipment, new themed finishes, mechanical, electrical, fire protections and plumbing. The adjacent theater sprinkler system was reworked to bring it up to current code compliance.

RESULTS > Despite 26 scope changes, T&G maintained and met the original schedule. The outcome was a beautiful sunburst theme on the floor and ceiling. The floor was a combination of Epoxy flooring, stained concrete and tile . The tile work was intricate and had to be recessed in the floor to avoid trip hazards. All material was custom made and themed by artists. Painting throughout was also themed. The walls were custom laminate designed for Busch Gardens. Artwork was provided and sent to the manufacturer to make the custom panels.