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Dave Grabosky, Vice President

T&G Constructors - Management Team

As vice president at T&G, Dave Grabosky oversees marketing, client relations, business development and preconstruction. In this role, Dave drives the development of new business and strategy by cultivating opportunities in existing and new markets throughout the U.S.

A natural consensus builder and leader, Dave is recognized for establishing long-term relationships with clients based on the concept of “relationship-oriented marketing.” Since co-founding the company in 1987, Dave has helped T&G successfully complete nearly $1 billion in construction projects. Dave’s strong commitment to customer service has been instrumental in building the company’s reputation as an industry leader.

On leadership:
“We’re very hands-on. I don’t shelter myself. Access to our leadership team is very important to our employees, clients and subcontractors. Working alongside people – and making them an important part of the process – is part of leadership. I try and make sure anyone who walks out of my office feels more positive than when they walked in.”

On hiring:
We try to hire people with the experience and ability to talk to clients. Unlike other firms, we empower employees to make decisions on the spot. It’s part of our entrepreneurial spirit.”

On client relationships:
“A good relationship is when a client wants you to come back; when they prefer T&G to everybody else. That’s it in a nutshell. I would say we’re more relationship driven, not project driven. We get to know lots of people within the organization. This means reaching out to clients even when we’re not doing work with them. I’d say a good client relationship is being fair and doing the right thing.”

On business development:
“The first step is to define where you want to go and who you want to go after. We target the right client, not the right project. Our business philosophy is focusing on reoccurring revenue.”

On technology:
“Our management software sets us apart. We built it and are now better able to manage schedules, control costs and simplify the process, especially geographically dispersed projects – from procurement through the entire construction process. The system allows us to know – very early on – if something is off track. Overall, it means better control, which translates into better customer service.”

On integrity:
“Integrity is wanting to do the right thing. That commitment enters into every decision you make. How you treat people. Whether or not you make the right decision for the company. If you care about doing the right thing, success will happen.”