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Santiago Valencia,

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Santiago Valencia is a part of T&G’s Project Management Team, serving as the client liaison and assuming the ultimate responsibility for the successful completion of the project. A 2001 graduate of the Universidad del Valle, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Architecture in Cali, Columbia. Santiago has eight years of experience managing new construction, reconstruction and renovation projects with an emphasis in educational buildings and occupied facilities.

Santiago employs meticulous attention to detail and a unique management style with outstanding results. His laser focus on the end goal has been instrumental in ensuring that the clients’ needs are satisfied with premium products and services.

On working in Dallas:
“While Dallas is the ninth most populous city in the U.S., people within the construction industry still seem to rely heavily on trust and a willingness to move forward on a handshake. The culture within the city itself is welcoming and family-friendly. I’m impressed with the local government’s expansion plans with regard to the education sector. The city was a great move for T&G. Our goal is to apply the same commitment to quality workmanship to grow our customer base and build long-term partnerships. In a very short time, we’re already making progress in that direction.”

On customer service:
“T&G’s customer service is not necessarily a set of rules. One thing that sets us apart from other general contractors is our ability to listen well and establish our clients wants, needs and goals. This lets them know right away that we’re on their side. With each project, we incorporate a good set of values and principles – by being open and honest with people and going the extra mile. Still, in the end the focus is understanding the customer and delivering what is expected.”

On vendor relationships:
“Clarity is key to all working relationships in construction – including vendors and subcontractors. I let people know that I want to understand their needs. It’s also important to establish a clear scope of services and spell out exactly what I‘m hiring them to do. When you explain all the details in advance, there are no surprises. Success means a set of clarifications, trade by trade. The goal is for everyone to be accountable and make a fair profit.”

On integrity:
“Basically, T&G demonstrates integrity by doing what we say we’re going to do. We follow through with our promises. Over the years, I’ve noticed that our leadership team is excellent at finding and hiring people with these same qualities. When I met Rick Gonzalez for the first time, he liked the idea that I’d been an entrepreneur and really understood the value in quality workmanship and customer service - so he hired me on the spot. He knew he could trust me to do things right.”