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Rick Gonzalez, President

T&G Constructors - Management Team

Clients know Rick Gonzalez as a business partner and entrepreneur. Since co-founding T&G in 1987, Rick has never lost sight of where the company’s success comes from: repeat business. His hands-on leadership style is a big reason why T&G has successfully completed nearly $1 billion in construction projects and continues to gain recognition for its quality craftsmanship and premium customer service.

Rick currently serves as president, overseeing several strategic areas of the company including construction operations, project delivery and safety strategy. Rick heads the firm’s Safety Committee, which works to develop safety training, methods and regulations. Under his direction, T&G is a multi-year recipient of the Associated Builders and Contractors’ Platinum STEP National Safety Award. 

On leadership:
“A leader is more than a title – it’s someone who has earned the respect of his employees. I try to build loyalty and create a group of people who want T&G to succeed.”

On managing:
“I don’t believe in micromanaging. Over the years, I have found if you give them ownership of a project, they’ll be empowered to make the right decisions and bend over backwards to make each project a success.”

On clients relationships:
“The first step in building a relationship is finding out exactly what the client is looking for. Is it a quick move-in? Or 100% complete before moving-in? We even have a client who wants each job to be show ready at all times – so we’re required to paint the barricades everyday. Once we know what’s expected, we are that much closer to a seamless completion. Another key factor in relationship-building is the ability to explain complex issues in terms our client will understand. At T&G, we’re able to sit down with the owner and walk them through the process in a way that makes sense. In the end, we hope our clients feel confident enough about our services to recommend us to others. That’s a true sign of success.” 

On being hands-on:
“As owners, we take the time to visit the job sites. We check for safety standards and spend time with the client and crew. This type of hands-on supervision makes a difference. It lets the people in the field know that someone could drop by at anytime. And clients know we’re involved.”

On working in Miami:
“Miami is definitely its own unique demographic. Our national clients tell us they get apprehensive about building in Miami. It's true you have to know Spanish. You have to know your way around the city and county building departments and zoning committees. You need to establish reputable relationships with subcontractors. But most importantly, you have to understand the market segment as a whole. In many ways, T&G is the best-kept secret in Miami. There aren't a lot of high-quality contractors who work in the $1 - $3 million ranges. This mindset is rare in Miami.”

On integrity:
“Our clients count on us to be honest. We try and make the process easier by telling the truth, staying positive, providing excellent service and even having a little fun.”