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Richard Huckestein, Principal/Director of Operations

T&G Constructors - Management Team

Richard Huckestein is the Operations Manager at T&G. In this role, Richard oversees all project-related activities and is responsible for overall field supervision, budget and schedule development/control, management of site inspections and project quality control.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Richard has expertise in handling large, complex jobs on the most aggressive schedules. Richard’s leadership style has helped the company establish relationships with the most committed and experienced managers and subcontractors in the industry.

On leadership:
“It’s important to motivate employees by allowing them to make their own decisions rather than micromanaging. I have always tried to lead by example by being diligent and fair with everyone from workers and subcontractors to clients and owners. We had a client mention the other day that he could count on my team to listen and then follow through - by doing something to fix the problem. That tells me the relationship is working.”

On success:
“We’ve been successful in remaining a strong, vital company during the recession for several reasons. First, we’re good at making sure the client is satisfied through excellent customer service. This cultivates repeat business. It’s especially important to anticipate and really understand what your client needs – and offer results-driven solutions. Secondly, T&G has a good vision for the future and has been conservative in the way we manage the business.”

On client relationship:
“I’ve seen instances outside of T&G where a contractor is only as good as the actual site manager. Our commitment to service creates a different relationship culture; our clients quickly realize that T&G is a good company as a whole – and not just a few good people. Our approach to building partnerships is to treat the client as if we’re both on the same team.  We’re big on playing fair.”

On integrity:
“T&G is a group of friendly, hardworking people who really do care about making the client happy. We build trust in the relationship by keeping our word and getting things done on time and within budget.”